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Our friendly friendly bed and breakfast / apartments is located in the heart of Rome. We are located in the very popular Quartiere San Lorenzo just blocks away from Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma, Sapienza University of Rome, Roma Termini central train station,  and 90 Bus Line which affordably runs to all of the major attractions of Rome.

We are a short bus or train ride away from all of the attractions with many family friendly restaurants located in the immediate vicinity of our bed and breakfast. In addition, there are lots of general stores in the area where you could get snacks and supplies such as diapers without paying tourist prices. 

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Reprinted Article About Family Friendly Itineraries In Rome

Kid Friendly Itineraries in Rome

Consider it a mission impossible to make a meaningful visit to Rome in one or two days. Rome is not like Florence or Venice, where most major sights are crowded into a compact central tourist district within walking distance.

Just getting from one place to another, with children in tow, is a daunting task. It is difficult to overstate how much more sprawling, chaotic and confusing Rome is compared to any other Italian city or even compared to Paris, London or New York.

But, if a few days are all the time you have, we have outlined a two-day itinerary for your visit to Rome. In two full days you can at least get a sense of the ancient and sacred that mix to make Rome a living museum.

Remember: Even by taxi it can take 30 minutes or more to travel between most of these major sights, all of which are described in greater detail later in this chapter.

Day 1: Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome (all day excursion): The Roman and Imperial Forums, the Colosseum, and surrounding sights. The fragments of ancient Rome scattered across the immense Roman Forum were the highlight of our children’s visit.
Trevi Fountain (before or after dinner): Our kids loved throwing coins in the fountain. Save room for the excellent gelato sold across from the fountain.
Day 2: Sacred Rome
Vatican City (4 hours or more): St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums are awesome whatever your religious background. The Sistine Chapel was a high-point of our children’s visit. They marveled at how one man Michelangelo could possibly have lain on his back for most of a year painting the famous ceiling frescoes.
Catacombs (2 hours): Kids love both the mystery and history of these cool underground burial mazes. Our children enjoyed the visit to Priscilla Catacombs because it was a small, personal tour (just us) that did not go on endlessly. 
Piazza Navona (evening): Our kids delighted in the street performers and sketch artists in this lively piazza filed with fountains, sculpture and sidewalk cafes.

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