Taverna Flavia Restaurant a friend of Cesar Palace

Taverna Flavia Restaurant

Mimmo e and the museum dedicated to Liz

Mimmo Cavicchi is the most famous Gourmet Lawyer  of Rome

Mimmo Cavicchi is the most famous lawyer Gourmet in Rome and beyond. For over fifty years in his legendary Grand Taverna Flavia welcomes court ceremonies characters of international stardom. One, however, remains his Queen: Madame Elizabeth Taylor.
How did you know Elizabeth Taylor?
In Rome in August 1961 during the shooting of films like Cleopatra. A series of fortuitous events have made me become not only the official supplier of its meals, but also and above all a great friend. We are still on the phone and each time is always exciting. I am madly in love with her, she is a myth, a special woman, both strong and fragile. I spent hundreds of beautiful photos and I won the sandals with which trampled the regally magnificent set built to Tuscolana.
Is that why you have dedicated a museum?
I have dedicated a room in the Taverna Flavia called “Little Liz”, where you can find not only photos but also telegrams, letters that I sent and the famous Queen Cleopatra sandals with lots of authentic.
What Liz loved to eat?
San Daniele ham, mozzarella, spinach cannelloni. She loved exotic fruit. She hated grapes.
Have you ever done something crazy for her?
More than once. One evening I filled the entire room with hundreds of white roses. She hated red roses. I asked her at the telephone: “What you’d like to find here tonight?” She said: “A garden.” Every wish of her was an order for me.
Elizabeth Taylor has been the success of Taverna Flavia?
Surely with her I had a great prompted. In America, she used to repeat to his friends: “When you go to Rome consult Mimmo. Here then Tony Curtis, Brigitte Bardot, Burt Reynolds, Burt Lancaster, Roger Vadim, Jane Fonda, Kirk Douglas and many others.
And Richard Burton?
Handsome, gallant, in love and jealous of Liz.
It is true that Richard only drank beer?
Yes, and whenever he came I had to protect them from assault of the photographers who were standing in front of the room to capture the world’s most famous couple.
Burt Lancaster?
Burt became big meal of steaming bucatini amatriciana.
Jane Fonda?
Pens sauce. One night I got a phone call from Monaco for the recipe.
Brigitte Bardot?
Beautiful, but do not know why, maybe for the thrill, I always made blunders on blunders.
Ava Gardner?
Ava is a special friendship for me. I got a pendant she wore with a note sweet and touching: “Dear Mimmo you are my anchor that binds me to Rome.”
Who was your first famous client?
Let’s say, I started with Audrey Hepburn. A “Breakfast at Flavia” for the heroine of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”
What is today the Taverna Flavia?
It is the historical place of the “Dolce Vita” yesterday and the “Dolce Vita” of today.
We renewed. We have always had the ability to keep pace with the times. Let us love and passion to offer our customers the best of Roman and international cuisine in a cheerful and friendly way.
What are the characters now?
Jodie Foster, Pedro Almodovar, Mike Tyson, Quentin Tarantino, Samuel Jackson.
Now, however, enough!
Try it to believe it.


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  1. Sandra Morrish says:

    My husband and i just visited Rome and stayed in Empire Palace Hotel 5 mins from this restaurant we ate there quite a lot and it was a sheer delight. the staff were so friendly recommending wine and different dishes all were amazing. also all the photo’s around the rooms made very good conversation. i must admit we didn’t know about the history of the place so reading this article has been very interesting When we visit Rome again this restaurant will be first on the list and even better now that we have a better understanding of the restaurant. :-)

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