What the best formula for saving? Are the outlets, so it seems since the ever-increasing number of consumers who go there to find the price giusto.Qui discounts throughout the year and there are many outlets as they see better alternative to shopping centers, although a little far from home.

Outlet Rome

Indeed the major outlets usually arise outside the city walls, but since the economic crisis, most people prefer to travel by car and the road to save.Usually at this  point during the year the outlets offer garments, footwear and accessories Discounted 30-40% and during seasonal sales periods are easily reached 70% and oltre.Questa trend big discount comes straight from the Anglo-Saxon countries (U.S. and Britain all). The Web plays an important role in the hunt the product discount and this time the trend comes from France, where years of active sites retrieving the practice of selling postale.Nei around Rome you can find two major outlets, where research and head to the discount price ‘occasion is something specific they are easily found. In castel Romano and Valmontone Outlet.

Castel Romano Outlet

There’s really spoiled for choice you can find great brands from Dolce and Gabbana Pink, from diesel estate Pisano, in short, in these vast open spaces is impossible to leave without having carried out a single purchase.

Some significant data may help to understand the reality of this great area:

Valmontone the outlet opened in 2003 is composed of over 300 stores in an area of 100,000 mqs, involving 200 other fashion companies and also for furniture, the bedding and accessories for the kitchen.

Outlet Valmontone

Speech smaller for the Castel Romano Outlet consists of only 110 stores exclusive brands including Valentino. Built with an architectural style reminiscent of ancient imperial Rome, Castel Romano Designer Outlet is located only 25 km from Rome. 25,000 square feet of pure shopping.

An ample free parking with over 2000 cars, bars, restaurants, ATMs, a large play area for children.

A veritable temple of shopping in the Pontine heart.

Not far from the Tyrrhenian coast, summer is a pleasant destination for a day of sun and sea.

An easily accessible location in one hour by the other provinces of Lazio.

Castel Romano Outlet

This relaxing oasis of shops can satisfy all needs, facilitating the purchase.

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