Rome July 2010

Rome, july 2010. Cesar Palace wants to advice and share with you a fun July.Cesar palace communicats with it’s clients by suggesting nights to make your stay in rome a more fun one.After a very warm day around the city at 19 p.m with the late afternoon breeze we suggest that you go visit ” cirolo degli artisti”.This year from july 4th-25th there will be a show entitled Sunst Session’’. On sundays you can enjoy 4 special nights in whic there will be a mix of jam and festival session.The most interesting thing is that all this is FREE. There will be 14 musicians live.
How can cesar palace not suggest you and event where fun is assured
Below are te informations to get there:
departure from roma via nomentana 55
(cesar palace),
2.walk until the bus stop V.LE REGINA MARGHERITA/NOMENTANA
3.take the line 3 (STAZ. TRASTEVERE (FS)) for 13 stops .
6 walk till the stop VIA DI PORTA MAGGIORE
7Take line 105 (STAZ.NE GROTTE CELONI) for 3 stops
8.get off at ponte casilino stop
10.walk until casilina vecchia , 42

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