August 2010 Rome

This summer at it’s sixth edition, ” Along the Tiber River”. An event of the most followed in roman summers! At the shore beds of the Tiber there are banquets where you can enjoy ethnic r local food, alchoolics or non drinks , fancy cocktails with jazz music. There are also comic shows, book presentations and concerts. What cannot be left out are stads of all kinds. The aim is to make this
rally open to everyone, without the presence of barriers. There will be constant assistence and supervision of the security personal. The summer will also offer You cruises to go around rome by night and experience a lovely romantic night. From Cesar Palace it takes you 15 minutes by bus.

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  1. Menashe says:

    התארחנו במלון היה מצויין יחס אישי הרגשה בתית.
    מלון במרכז העיר קרוב לכל מקום.
    ניתן להזמין ארוחות כשרות לערב שבת ובכלל
    ממליץ בחום להתארח במלון.

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